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Procom USA is a 501©3 registered charity.  We seek to provide a funding source for the work that is done in Rwanda. We pass all payments made directly onto the programs in Rwanda and retain no administration fees.  Procom Rwanda is a local NGO that is registered in Rwanda. 


Founded in 2008, Procom Rwanda’s mission is to contribute to Rwandan community resilience through locally-driven creative solutions, doing so through a multi sector approach. Procom Rwanda has invested in Water Infrastructure, with more than 10% of Rwanda receiving clean water from their activities.  Procom Rwanda has invested in Livelihoods Development in the agriculture sector by creating model farms to illustrate improved methods for farming. With its commitment to promoting community resilience and livelihoods, Procom Rwanda is also working in the energy and the ICT sectors in Rwanda. We provide ways for people to access energy solutions through new hybrid solar technology as well as partner with the private sector on innovative livelihood strategies using digital solutions and targeted training that directly links to existing jobs in the tech services industry.

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