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Solar Panel Installation
Energy Solutions

Procom Solar energy solutions works in a variety of sectors in Rwanda. Providing solutions for individual households and for small scale manufacturing in water production facilities. We create ways for people to access energy solutions through new hybrid solar technology as well as partner with the private sector on innovative livelihood strategies using digital solutions and targeted training that directly links to existing jobs in the tech services industry.

Mayaga Project

The Mayaga Project is a large scale water treatment and distribution network. Procom Rwanda has been operating this project in the southern province of Rwanda since 2008 and has grown the coverage area from 700,000 people to over 1 million.


Mayaga provides water guaranteed to be treated to international standards, and is the only water in the country that even Americans can drink right from the tap.


This project needs 25,000$ each year to continue and

we need you help to make this a sustainable reality.

Click on the donate button here to help support

this project

Model Farms:

Procom Rwanda started to create model farms throughout Rwanda in an effort to train local farmers on new techniques.  From 2010 when we started this program we have seen the yields of farmers double, and the hope for the future is that we can double them again.


If you would like to support this work just click on the donate button



Borehole Project:

Procom Rwanda operates a drilling unit that provides clean water to the most remote communities.  We work in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, which is dry and has little to no infrastructure.   This is a place that most drilling teams will not go because of the difficulties.  Procom works with Donors who understand that this is the place that needs clean water the most.  


We have set a goal to provide clean water wells

for 20,000 Rwandans every year.  Please click on

the donate button if you would like to participate

in new community wells.

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